Well Ain’t This Just the Shit

Shitty Thanksgiving, shitty Christmas, shitty New Year, and it just keeps coming.

Mind you, it was wonderful to see family over the holidays, and everything’s been nice, but…

Mom’s in the hospital and my foot is chopped meat and I don’t seem to understand how my new Aetna healthcare card works so I’m getting collection calls 24/7 since last spring…

Life was so much easier before I turned 50.

That being said, the holidays are over and the Democrats are taking over the House.  Oh boy!

They want to impeach, impeach, and impeach.  They really have no interest at all in building a wall, but they also seem to forget we need help with healthcare.

Just sayin.


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Maybe It’s Just Me

Maybe I’m selfish, but I worry about things in a certain order.

My home, my family, my town, and on outward from there.

I think most of us work that way, protecting our homes and wives and men and children and our health first, and then moving on outward from there.

Animals do it, yes? They look to what they can eat and gather for food, they look to find safe shelter, they look to mate and multiply and be able to take care of their own.

That’s not selfish, then, is it? It’s just actually common nature. Natural.

It’s common sense. Common. Yes?

Play along with me, I’m on a roll. I’m going to break this down into a political spiel.

Even if it takes me all week.

I have a point to make, and it’s this: Rhinos and polar bears and rain forests are important to me, yes, but not as important to me as my home and health and family.

If I was to believe every drop of literature that hits my mail box and email I would just give up living due to crying my brains out over the pain and humility and fear that some species of bat suffers in one single county in Texas due to the over abundance of big box store parking lot lighting.

I would have given every cent to Beto O’Rourke even though I live in Pennsylvania.

I would have dropped everything to march to DC wearing a pink knitted hat that represents the Pussy Cat Dolls and vaginas and feminism all in one, somehow, without irony, hear me roar.

Come on, already. Stop expecting people like me to just drop everything and give a flying fuck about your latest outrage or grievance or political manipulation of the week.

Regular folks just want to do their jobs and take care of their homes and families.

God please just let us live our lives and let others live theirs.

Does that make me a white supremist??

Asking for a friend.

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Imagine :O

Okay. Imagine you work for an office that has a cash register and only four or five employees, plus a manager.

The manager tells you all, one day, that $100 has been taken from the register after hours, and one of you employees is guilty.

One employee says, “Brett took it. I saw him do it. I can’t remember which day it was, but I saw him do it.”

Brett, the fellow employee says, “I never took money from the register. It’s not like me to do this. I would never do this.”

There’s no camera, no video footage, no proof that Brett took it, no proof that Brett DIDN’T take it.

One employee swears she saw him do it, but she has no proof, only her word.

Brett swears he didn’t do it, he has only his word.

What do you do?

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Okay. Imagine you need a really good typist. The best, the fastest, the most accurate. Someone who not only types really fast, but also never makes a mistake.

You find this typist and you want to hire him.

But you find out this typist has some sort of allegation against him that dates back to his high school years.

He’s now in his fifties, and he’s the best damn typist you will ever, ever have the chance to meet, let alone hire.

You need a really good typist, remember?

Will you hire him? Or will you consider hiring someone else, instead?

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Okay. Imagine that you get your news from only a handful of news sources. You don’t ever get exposed to any other point of view because, a) you don’t agree with the other point of view and b) you only get your news via cable television.

Suddenly you meet someone who tells you about their online news sources and you find out that there is a whole lot of other viewpoints other than the ones you’ve been seeing on your handful of news sources, and you’ve learned this from someone you’ve just met and you’ve had a good conversation with this stranger even though you have no experience with his news sources but he seems okay and decent enough that you both sat down for hours discussing your different news sources.

Do you stop watching the news? Do you ask him out on a date? Or do you report him to the authorities because he made you think too much?

You report. I’ll decide.


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We’re All Going to Hell

Hand maidens tell us the world is going to hell in a hand basket.

Who’s to say we’re not already there?

I hand it to the press…they sure do have all our panties in a bunch.

Nike loves Colin but Nike’s products are made in China, or in regions suffering tariffs all the same. At least our flags are still made here.

Happy to report In-N-Out Burgers survived their liberal boycott by remaining employee-happy and customer-happy employers…while still making the best burgers in the US ever.

What a strange country this has become, where people want to boycott businesses based on politics yet don’t seem to understand the reasons for boycotts in the first place – I’m talking to you, pro-Union folks!

As for freedom of speech, I’m just happy I’m still able to say what I want to say on Facebook without getting banned. Or fired by my boss if he reads me.

Do you read me?

Or are you already on your way to hell with a bunch of baskets made in America?

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Tit for Tat?

Most people are familiar with the term ‘tit for tat,’ right?

I know it killed my last long term relationship.  After taking stupid drunken talk from an otherwise wonderful man, I started giving back the one-up-man-ship act, and, boy did it get ugly.

Every discussion became an argument, and every word became a sword.

Looking back, I’d give anything to be able to take back half the words I ever uttered to him, because half were cruel and calculated, and half were loving and kind.

He’s passed on, now, and I’m left with the memories of words said, both hurtful and sweet.

Why do we keep digging at each other while raising the ante again and again?  We’ve all become so cruel in our effort to both defend and offend.

Politics ain’t bean bag, but it shouldn’t be football.

Let’s all try to either give more tit or get more tit, and leave the tat out of it, altogether.

Is tat even a word?


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Something, from this…

Something, from this, is going to be remembered.

Whether a song, or a lover’s touch, or a pain, or a joy, something from us is going to touch someone else, somewhere, on this planet.

The more, the merrier.

We are all Jesus Christ, now.

John Lennon sort of had a point, too early, when he said that.

Something that is said on the internet is said by someone on the internet by someone that is saying something on the internet about someone that is on the internet saying something about someone saying all you need is love but someone

We should all just want to leave behind a lot of people missing us for the right reasons and not wanting to analyze our deaths but anything other than natural causes.

That, or take up arms.

Our world is becoming that weird, that only art is being used to communicate.

I don’t know how to explain this, other than to say that I’m trying so hard to figure it out.  And, I’m not doing it well enough.  But, I’m trying.


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This Little Light

The full moon’s lighting up my lawn like a stage…but lurking in the wings, in the dark, are the fireflies, writing their own play — lighting their own way.

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