Tit for Tat?

Most people are familiar with the term ‘tit for tat,’ right?

I know it killed my last long term relationship.  After taking stupid drunken talk from an otherwise wonderful man, I started giving back the one-up-man-ship act, and, boy did it get ugly.

Every discussion became an argument, and every word became a sword.

Looking back, I’d give anything to be able to take back half the words I ever uttered to him, because half were cruel and calculated, and half were loving and kind.

He’s passed on, now, and I’m left with the memories of words said, both hurtful and sweet.

Why do we keep digging at each other while raising the ante again and again?  We’ve all become so cruel in our effort to both defend and offend.

Politics ain’t bean bag, but it shouldn’t be football.

Let’s all try to either give more tit or get more tit, and leave the tat out of it, altogether.

Is tat even a word?


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Something, from this…

Something, from this, is going to be remembered.

Whether a song, or a lover’s touch, or a pain, or a joy, something from us is going to touch someone else, somewhere, on this planet.

The more, the merrier.

We are all Jesus Christ, now.

John Lennon sort of had a point, too early, when he said that.

Something that is said on the internet is said by someone on the internet by someone that is saying something on the internet about someone that is on the internet saying something about someone saying all you need is love but someone

We should all just want to leave behind a lot of people missing us for the right reasons and not wanting to analyze our deaths but anything other than natural causes.

That, or take up arms.

Our world is becoming that weird, that only art is being used to communicate.

I don’t know how to explain this, other than to say that I’m trying so hard to figure it out.  And, I’m not doing it well enough.  But, I’m trying.


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This Little Light

The full moon’s lighting up my lawn like a stage…but lurking in the wings, in the dark, are the fireflies, writing their own play — lighting their own way.

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3 Types

There are three types of ways that I handle people.

I either love them, tolerate them, or walk away from them completely.

That might make me sound callous, but it’s the only way I know

Loving sounds easy, and it is.

Tolerating someone sounds easy enough, but it isn’t.

Walking away from someone sounds hard, but when it comes down to a choice between loving me or loving pain, I’ll choose me every time.

It’s easy.

I love me.


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People just going crazy about OMG OMG OMG OMG everything.

None of you can just look at a sunrise, or a puppy, or anything beautiful at all, and not make it political?

Seriously, you’re all srsly’ing yourselves to death.

And being/playing ignorant isn’t helping.

Fuck De Niro.


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I Am Szuperman…And I Can Write Anything

I no longer have to worry about being PC…I no longer have to worry about being correct at all.

I  can just say whatever I want to say to my lover, or my friend, no matter where I work or what I do.

I can stop a President from happening

I am Szuperman.


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Freedom of Speech vs. Right to Fire

Kat Timpf got it right, as did Ben Shapiro, when it came to Roseanne Barr’s show getting cancelled.  And here’s why:

ABC (and the NFL, for that matter) have a right, as companies, to fire anyone they want to.  It’s Roseanne (and the actual football players) who are spouting their mouths off and doing their political stunts, not the firms they represent/work for.

That being said, David Hogg had no right at all to try to boycott Publix because the owner of Publix makes political contributions that David Hogg doesn’t agree with.

Get it?




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