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A Suggestion to U.S. School Boards

I’m hesitant to speak out about the Florida school shooting, especially since I haven’t read every news account, but, I’d like to make a suggestion to school boards across the US. I suggest that if a student is found to … Continue reading

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My Eagle, ‘Tis of Thee

I was talking with a friend, tonight, about my relationship with Rob, and I explained about how we were exapt opposites and that how much it had worked out to our advantage, in the beginning. Rob and I were like … Continue reading

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Deep State Lament

Sung to the tune of Bruce Springsteen’s “I’m Going Down”: We really hoped we could pull it off, but we can feel the heat a-coming down We really thought we would get a win, but The voters spoke, there’s a … Continue reading

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Fake Russian Comey News

Podesta caught phishing fed Brazile a few questions   Debbie What’s her name Schultz resigned   Got promoted or demoted? Added to HRC’s campaign   The campaign to nowhere again   Electoral college but who’s gonna pay for it? Miss … Continue reading

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