Second Hand Rose, from “Broadway Dreams”

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My Appearance in “Broadway Dreams”, Starting with “People” (Who better to start with????)

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For A Man I Know

Such a hue and shape, her eyes
always widened in surprise

Don’t you want to know her better
Send a card, write her a letter

Will she respond
Will she ignore you

Will she react
Will she adore you

Will you won’t you
let her know

that in your heart
you love her so

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I Know You

Your friends know you as that guy who did this, said that, was there, was not
Your family knows you even longer

I know you as that man I met a year and a half ago
And loved at first sight

Your history is yours, of your making
Our future is unknown

But I know you as the man I love and have faith in
and will be with til I die

I know you are scared
I know I am too
But I know I am safe
and I know you are too

Because I know you

And I love you

And I know you love me

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One Hot Mess

She’s gay.

She’s Catholic.

She’s been raped.

She’s an alcoholic.

She’s moody.

She’s in a funk.

She’s in need.

She wants to be alone.

She’s beautiful.

She’s ugly.

She’s loving.

She’s selfish.

She’s stuck in a rut.

She’s crying.

She’s laughing.

She’s confused.

She’s loving.

She’s loved.

She’s unhappy.

She’s a child.

She’s a mother.

She’s ours.

She’s hers.

She is one hot mess.

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The Fifties are Approaching


Long slim legs

below long pastel skirts

climbing out of Cadillacs

perfect, perfect girls

shoulder pads and hair coiffed

gloves and steno skills

“How do you do?”

genuine smiles

perfect, perfect girls

Gentlemen were gentlemen

smoking jackets common

Utopia, our future

sci fi movie world

Three Coins in a Fountain

to 1984

What’s become of all of us

is what has come before

Perfect, perfect girls

Perfect future world

What’s become of all of us

I wish we’d known before

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I’ll Call Thee Sand


You are sand

slipping through my fingers

and giving me nothing

to stand on

But, oh how you sparkle

in the sunlight

and, oh how much

you weigh

The ocean can’t tear you away

Wild horses could trample

I suppose

And tsunamis could hit

I would guess

But you’d still be there

strong and sliding away

But always there

Always there

Until the sun explodes

and the beaches freeze

But even then

you’d be specks in the breeze

And I would be slowly dying

feeling the last of you

Hoping for us, still

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