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A Suggestion to U.S. School Boards

I’m hesitant to speak out about the Florida school shooting, especially since I haven’t read every news account, but, I’d like to make a suggestion to school boards across the US. I suggest that if a student is found to … Continue reading

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Ode to My Cats

(Sung to the tune of “Look What They Done To My Song”) Look what you’ve done to my rugs, boys, Look what you’ve done to my rugs! Well you clawed them like they’re scratching posts and tore them all right … Continue reading

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My Eagle, ‘Tis of Thee

I was talking with a friend, tonight, about my relationship with Rob, and I explained about how we were exapt opposites and that how much it had worked out to our advantage, in the beginning. Rob and I were like … Continue reading

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Deep State Lament

Sung to the tune of Bruce Springsteen’s “I’m Going Down”: We really hoped we could pull it off, but we can feel the heat a-coming down We really thought we would get a win, but The voters spoke, there’s a … Continue reading

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One More Freebie Chapter

Chapter Two It’s all about you, sweetheart. It’s always all about you. – Rob Actually, I’ll start and end with Rob. Because, well, I have no other choice. Here’s my story all about Rob. We met just before Memorial Day … Continue reading

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So, After I Was Born

  After I was born, I grew. Tallest girl in my entire elementary school in 5th grade but terrible at sports. Acne, glasses, and braces on my teeth helped to add to my appeal. I walked around the hallways in … Continue reading

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So, I’m Thinking of Writing a Book

Prologue Everyone tells me I should write a book. So, I’m writing a book. I don’t know what in hell to write, but I figure if I just keep typing, everything is bound to come out. What happens after that, … Continue reading

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