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One More Freebie Chapter

Chapter Two It’s all about you, sweetheart. It’s always all about you. – Rob Actually, I’ll start and end with Rob. Because, well, I have no other choice. Here’s my story all about Rob. We met just before Memorial Day … Continue reading

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So, After I Was Born

  After I was born, I grew. Tallest girl in my entire elementary school in 5th grade but terrible at sports. Acne, glasses, and braces on my teeth helped to add to my appeal. I walked around the hallways in … Continue reading

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So, I’m Thinking of Writing a Book

Prologue Everyone tells me I should write a book. So, I’m writing a book. I don’t know what in hell to write, but I figure if I just keep typing, everything is bound to come out. What happens after that, … Continue reading

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Self Portrait, by the lb

Trying to stay within my skin Hide from all what stays within It all comes out within five minutes A poker face I’ve not   Loving is what I’ve got and I love you all   And I hope you … Continue reading

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For You

Tear filled eyes bring on mosaics lines blur and colors blend Regret and heartache hope and love   Sun rises and sets again Another year a painting a picture of us both   A vision a flash a memory   … Continue reading

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Fake Russian Comey News

Podesta caught phishing fed Brazile a few questions   Debbie What’s her name Schultz resigned   Got promoted or demoted? Added to HRC’s campaign   The campaign to nowhere again   Electoral college but who’s gonna pay for it? Miss … Continue reading

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November 29

There is nothing you did wrong love Nothing you could have foreseen Children die of cancer, and babies too It’s nothing that you did All of us are dealing with the shock We’re doing the best we can The holidays … Continue reading

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