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In the barracks that you have built against the enemies you perceive you are sheltered from the bullets protecting family, you are free But in the classrooms and on our streets against all odds, under no control we are vulnerable … Continue reading

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Holiday Sauce

Lilac lavender pressing a leaf into a page Sage evergreen Sky blue, robin’s egg Cream   Mocha chocolate brown burgundy Gold and frankincense Myrrh for your hot forehead   Oh   Don’t you know everything’s alright   Of course it … Continue reading

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Road Kill

Poor broken bodies lying on the road mangled by man’s machinery It hurts so to look at them I always want to cry   I wonder why God allows it   Is He worried about over-population or perhaps He’s trying … Continue reading

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Peace Music knows peace. Art knows peace. The goddamn INTERNET knows peace. When will we? Peace, xoxo

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I wonder if God has an iPod….or does he prefer Pandora?

The world I know leaves me questioning, questioning.  What if God was one of us?  How far is heaven?  Tell me all your thoughts on God ’cause I’d really like to meet her.  Right here, right now. Some people sing … Continue reading

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It’s Finally Acceptable to Dance Naked Around a Tree

One time, when I was a kid, I asked my father what religion he followed. He said, “Me? I’m a Druid. I worship trees.” And then he smiled that smile of his, and I knew he was pulling my leg. … Continue reading

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