November 29

There is nothing you did wrong
Nothing you could have foreseen
Children die of cancer, and babies too
It’s nothing that you did

All of us are dealing with the shock
We’re doing the best we can
The holidays are a wee bit frightful
but we’re determined to make the most
of what we can
make the most of, make the most of
and do a whole lot of things in your memory
with a toast of, with a toast of cheer
or a beer
or twenty
or thirty
or forty, but who’s counting

We’re getting by and not forgetting
by ourselves, by each other, by the fire

We know you’d be here, if you could
We hope you know we want you here

You’re loved, forever, remembered well
Our friend, our man, our buddy boy

Four months, three days, away

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One Response to November 29

  1. hmunro says:

    A big hug to you, Lis … may his presence warm you in the days and months ahead. xo

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